Deepak Shapeti September 1, 2018 8 comments
Today was a first of days for Team 3D Scanpro. After weeks of awaiting receipt of our equipment, planning our backend infrastructure, we were elated to get our hands on some lovely tech! As is the wont, a tech geek will not waste a second before test driving their new equipment. The same held true for us, but we had also booked up with manual(s), support forums, and community enthusiasts. We decided that the best way to move ahead was to do a field test, and an epiphany followed. What better place to start than one’s own home? Armed with resolve to win over dissenters (believe me, it’s no laughing matter to convince the missus/mom to open the domus for a 3D walkthrough shoot), Uday, Roshan, and I, decided to shoot our house as is. Setup and test operations were a cinch, clocking at about 30 minutes. Armed with the knowledge of the internets (no pun), we were able to manage surprisingly well, or so we thought. After the first 8-10 scans, our confidence started growing logarithmically, and we clocked in at 90 minutes for a 2500 square feet home. With the shooting done and noting down all information regarding mirrors and glasses (they tend to throw off the depth sensing for the IR depth sensors, leading to alignment and stitching errors), we made the necessary modifications in our software and further uploaded to the cloud for processing by means of a stitching algorithm. With necessary uploads and processing underway, and the end result just a few hours away, it was the turn of Mistress Doubt to start manifesting herself. Did we shoot enough points to get a good enough stitch? How would all the people moving about the home during the shoot look in the scan? Didn’t the folks at home move doors chairs, and other stuff between scans, something the manual explicitly stated should be avoided? Ahh…too late now. We shall see the results and decide! Fast forward to 8 hours later, and we get to feast our eyes on the semi-finished rendered output, which looks gorgeous to our eyes, which we later realized were untrained. But in hindsight, the output was not half bad, and this was a reaffirmation of prudence about our choice of equipment, backend development, human resources, and planning, to name a few. All in all, we were happy with our start. We learnt a lot from our errors and vowed to try to attempt to correct them in our upcoming shoots. However, we decided an additional challenge was in order, and to this end, we decided to shoot 3-4 locations back to back to explore the limits of our equipment and our own. Now it was time to take our booking options online to facilitate ease of booking, so we could snap more than 3-4 bookings. Thankfully, we did manage to receive 3 bookings, but they were scheduled for 3 different days. Luckily, we talked to our patrons and were able to convince two of them to reschedule for the same day as the third. Should be interesting to see how this goes. Until next time. Mata ne!